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Communication and Argumentation in the Public Sphere

ISSN: 1843 7893 (print version)

Communication & Argumentation in the Public Sphere is a peer-reviewed journal in the field of Humanities published three times a year. The main purpose of Communication & Argumentation in the Public Sphere is to foster a living dialogue within the international community on discourse issues that might be relevant for the study of communication in the public sphere. The journal seeks to elicit standpoints and discussions on fundamental communication  topics and issues and encourages original approaches to them. Broadly encompassing in its focus, the journal invites essays on topics both theoretical and dealing with practical issues that extend to the wider domain of language sciences and socio-political life. It encourages explorations in the domains of art, morality, science, religion, politics, as they relate to specific linguistic concerns. Although not an advocate of any one trend or school in linguistics and communication, the journal is especially committed to keeping abreast of developments within discourse analysis, text linguistics, argumentation studies, communication theory, and contemporary philosophy and is interested in investigations that probe possible points of intersection between these scientific areas and academic traditions.

The journal welcomes articles concerned with aspects pertaining to the above mentioned topics and research areas and also invites comments on previously published articles, book reviews, interviews, calls for papers and conferences.

The main journal divisions are:  Articles, Minor Contributions, Research Reports, Conference Reports, News, Projects, Queries and Partner Search, Reviews, Bibliographical Notes, Books Received, Interviews.